Established in 2017, the focus of Doll Hairs & Sense is to help parents teach their kids about money. (And secretly, I hope to help parents to get their own shit together too). In the years that lay ahead we will show our kids how to manage their money in mindful ways that reflect their values. We'll convey our successes and lessons learned on this little slice of the inter-web.  Maybe our kids will want to retire before 30, or start their own business, or buy a monster truck... where ever their current and future values lead them, there is a path and it starts now!


Mrs Sense

Eight years ago I thought it wise to cut our household income in half and double the population under the Sense family roof.  As it turns out, being a stay-at-home-mom of 2 kids with a single income was much tougher than working as an engineer.  My co-workers never asked me to carry them nor did they ever scream "I'M DONE" at the top of their lungs... from the toilet. Not once. 

My hobbies include photography, making things, and regularly saying "eat over the table."  I love math/numbers, don't care for social media, and hate shopping for clothes.  (Yes... I'm sure I'm female.) Mr. Sense and I have this money thing down and are ready to pass along some nuggets of wisdom to our sweet little creatures.   


Mr. Sense

After a relatively brief (one day) stint working as a yard boy in his teens, Mr. Sense decided to pursue a career in engineering realizing that "yard work is for the birds." He now spends his weekdays in an office and his weekends doing (unpaid) yard work and serving food to birds.  

Mr. Sense dreams of the day that he can leave his corporate job behind so that he can.... uhhh... (insert retirement plan here when you figure it out).  Mr. Sense's hobbies include woodworking, watching hummingbirds, and saying "whatever you want dear."

(After some discussion, Mr. Sense revealed a sense of strain over not having a poop joke included in his bio.) 


Jr. Sense

We've been told that this guy has "the knack."  At the ripe ol' age of 8, Jr. Sense loves science, learning how things work, designing Lego creations, and asking "why?" (ALL. OF. THE. TIME.)

After suffering through all of his eight years being deprived of access to hand-held electronic devices and battery operated, four wheeled hunks of plastic, Jr. Sense has adapted himself to actually enjoy spending time outdoors with friends and family.

In his time not spent building Lego and eating, Jr. Sense can be found scootering through the neighborhood with a regular band of elementary aged mavericks.


Lil Sense

This fiercely independent sprite loves animals, babies, and making things.  She's been know to destroy a room with an art project in 30 minutes or less without any help.

While Lil Sense isn't busy charming her 1st grade teacher at school, she can be found at home alternating between doling out commands and cuddling with her mother.

Lil Sense is an easy-going and friendly girl who can make an ogre smile simply by asking "how's your day going?"   She says she want to be a "zoo inventor, or a doctor, or something" when she grows up.